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Heliopolis: 4 El Marwa Street, El Safa Tower, behind Roxy Cinema, Roxy Square

Fifth Settlement: HCC Medical City Building, behind the Air Force Hospital, Clinics 114 and 115, 1 st section

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Heliopolis Clinic:
Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. 

Fifth Settlement Clinic: 
Sundays and Tuesdays. 

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Welcome to Dr. Mohamed Abo El Naga website

Welcome to Dr. Mohamed Abo El Naga website

Professor Doctor Mohamed Abo El Naga, the innovator of tailored bariatric surgeries, does not know despair. He is the bariatric surgeon of complex and intractable obesity cases.
He is a bariatric surgeon whose only care is maintaining the general health of the obese patient and helping him reach his ideal weight to enjoy his life without the excess weight.
Professor Doctor Mohamed Abo El Naga is a doctor who is a friend of all his patients. His responsibility towards his patients does not end with the performance of the bariatric surgery. On the contrary, he is always next to them at every step in their weight loss journey until they reach a new life without obesity.
Doctor Mohamed Abo El Naga's passion for medical issues never ends. Being an experienced, skilled, and  professional bariatric surgeon is not enough, so he is keen to be a brilliant professor and a distinguished teacher to the new generations of physicians and surgeons. 
With Professor Doctor Mohamed Abo El Naga, you will always be the priority.  
Be sure that by choosing Doctor Mohamed Abo El Naga to be your doctor, you have chosen a bariatric surgeon who will not abandon you under any circumstances.

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